Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home on the Range

The coach house of Linda and Bruce Hall was purchased in December and they wasted no time in getting their coach house completed in January 2010 and I must say it's a cutie!   

At Retama its not just the super-sized RV pads that are enjoyed, but its really about the additional outdoor living spaces.  There is plenty of patio setting up patio furniture, the grill and Oh! even a fire pit, perfect for relaxing or for when friends to come and visit. . .  which is often!

As one walks through the double french doors the feel of south Texas touches the senses. 
Here the convenient counter top which doubles for dining and is a bonus for 'happy hour' gatherings.

Whoa Nellie!  This beautiful wall sculpture is perfect!

Check out the tray ceiling and the tropical fan.  A really nice touch.

Linda and Bruce also created a workspace and of course, the comfy chairs which invite one to come inside for an afternoon nap.

The kitchenette includes the microwave, a handy fridge and sink.

 Linda's attention to detail with the western bathroom light and horseshoe.  
Oh, ya gotta love the stacked washer and dryer too!

Thank you Linda and Bruce for sharing your 12' x 20'!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Texas

Since my last post we have traveled from Retama (South Texas) to Florida and are now in the Chicago-land area.   It’s a rainy afternoon and a great opportunity to share this next Retama coach house.

Located on Lark, this coach house was created by Greg and Barb who spend their summer's working in  Redfish, Idaho, perhaps this area of the country should be on everyone’s ‘travel destination bucket list’.  Don’t forget to check out Greg’s RV Travel Journal, he's quite a story-teller!
Here's the link Keeping Up with the Jone's Blog

When you think of the Southwest, what do you think of? Deserts, cactus, saloons? Well, in Barb and Greg’s coach house FUN is a better way to describe their coach house and the cowhide rug really sets the Texas theme.  The bright colors and patterns blend beautifully.
Barb and Greg collected some of their southwest treasures while living full time since 2007.
Check out the clock on the boot clock!

Barb has a great eye for finding the perfect accessory combinations … The wall painting was found here in South Texas.

The neighborhood carpenter, Raul, created the tray ceiling and took the traditional bathroom and created a creative angle.  The display shelf fits in perfectly.

The kitchenette is located off the coach house side entrance and contains a fridge, microwave and everything for outdoor grilling.  Check out the detail in the sink and matching backsplash tile.  Perfect for South Texas!
Here's a close up of the sink area. Cabinetry is from the local craftsman.

Just off the kitchenette the bathroom continues their theme with the great copper sink and the star-studded mirror.
The lifestyle at Retama means the outdoor sitting area is the hub of activity  and nothing better and comfortable seating, palms and a slight breeze .... oh, and a cold margarita!
Greg and Barb paid a lot of attention to the small details ...  

where even the moulding reflect's Texas,
making for the perfect 12 x 20' coach house.  
Thanks Greg and Barb for letting us see 'A little bit of Texas"!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Working Man's Studio

Spring has finally arrived at Retama!  Gone are the 3 months of cloudy & rainy days which made picture-taking and simply getting outside difficult.  Okay, so we didn't have snow, but this winter has been considered the coldest in South Texas in the last 30 years.   

With blue skies I visited with Gary and Marilyn who have been long time Retama residents. Located in the back corner of a cul de sac this coach house holds a hidden treasure. Gary is a wood carver, but not just an ordinary wood widdler, he specializes in birds and in Santa's and his work is awe-inspiring!
Gary's enthusiasm and love of 'wood' created a work carving nook in the corner.  The shuttered windows open for more light
Gary designed the workshop so that it can be taken out by removing 3 screws.

The five large windows open to their beautiful gardens.
This 12x20 coach house is different from all the other coach houses – and reminds me of the little houses in the Cape Providence of South Africa with the shuttered windows and brightly colored interiors. 

One of the builder's floor plans offers a screened in porch – Gary's builder background had the porch windows put on the side so they could enjoy the beautiful backyard and their patio. The windows were then shuttered, when open allow light to filter in all day, the perfect answer to creating the wood cravers perfect studio. The shutters close tight during the summer.

Gary started woodworking in 2004. His son, Michael is a world famous taxidermist and has help Gary to refine his birds.  His carvings have won many awards, I can see why, the attention to every detail is amazing.  I just love this Santa!

The birch and maple wood used on the bases of each bird comes from their farm in Wisconsin.
Gary's carvings can be found at the Door County Art League in Wisconsin, local gift shops and in art shows and exhibits.

If you are ever in Mission Texas during the winter, Gary and Marilyn's coach house is well worth a visit. Come on by their door is always open!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Texas Chic

From the moment you walk inside the coach house of Kathy and Dennis you are mesmerized by the quaint, Texas chic design. The wow factor is found everywhere in this 12by20 shed.  Last winter Dennis and Kathy painstakenly created a rugged, yet sophisticated all-American look that combines their personal style with Texas charm and ties it all together with the romance of the west. 

French doors that open out to a patio provide a breathtaking western sunset view, the perfect ending to a great day – which happens everyday!

It's hard to imagine this 20' space is divided in half, 10' for the lounge area and 10' for the bathroom and kitchen as every inch was transformed by Dennis.

Dennis has firsthand understanding of materials, and possesses a deep sense of content and meticulously planned their RV coach house into something out of the pages of a magazine.

One has to love this space – it’s so chic, so sophisticated, yet it is totally welcoming and warm.  
Turn on the electric fireplace on those chilly mornings.

Wood and leather say western when it comes to furniture, the pair of recliners make football or movie watching - theatre style.

The warm wall color, copper sink, tile and texture forms the foundation of the western chic look.

Everyone wants to move in here!

Decorating a home in a Texas ranch style gives the space a laid-back breeziness, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

The warm wall color and naturally stained tray ceiling forms the foundation of the western chic look.
Lighting in the tray shelf provides a lovely evening ceiling cast.

Check out the detail of the mouldings, Denny hand cut and stained each of the corners.  The design copies the carpet design. 

Kathy d├ęcor foundation was found in nature the walls and floor colors tend toward warm tones of terracotta, burnt orange, golden brown and mustard yellow. The accent ledge is so cute!

The bathroom functions not only with the corner shower but also includes a make-up vanity for Kathy.
A stacked washer/dryer, storage and picture ledge makes this room cozy and charming.

Put the puzzle together, frame it and you have a perfect wall decor!

Add a shelve to the towel holder, colorful paint ...  clever!

Texas Chic, every detail from the ceiling tray, the ledges and the hand crafted trim make this the perfect Winter Texas vacation home, er ah.... but, remember, it's "Only a Shed!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Margaritaville is More Than a Song

In Key West, it’s the quintessential state of being, and the afternoon is complete when neighbors and friends stop by for a visit, here at Kathy and Ken's coach house their doors are always open.

This 12by20 coach house is a Key West styled cottage, it may be little but its open floor plan allows it to live large. The interior was finished by Ken and Kathy who spent several months running electrical wire, plumbing and installing the dry wall.  Their planning made this coach house floorplan very efficient.

Kathy commented that building a small house is more difficult than a larger home because every inch has to be accounted for. Kathy said they drew 30+ plans before finding the right combination of living space, a closet for their washer/dryer, the kitchen and full bathroom.

Kathy and Ken, originally from Baltimore Maryland retired early and have been living in their RV full time for five years. Kathy and Ken while in their early 50's began planning on living in their RV, so downsizing was easy. Now their coach house's 240s.f. feels large and spacious – and it is!

Homes in the tropics have blue ceilings to give the illusion of sky, open the french doors and you can sit on the sofa and feel like you're outside.

Mixing elements such as pine, wicker, stone, bamboo, and painted surfaces adds layers of comfort and texture to this light-filled space.

Comforting and Key West coastal are the soft blues and whites.  I just love this kitchenette, it sure makes the evening grilling a breeze -- Key West style!

This sunny kitchen is sunny without feeling overwhelming.

Bring the party outside, the fully functional kitchenette includes a microwave/convenction oven, refrigerator, and sink are all you need.

A tiny window in the bathroom allows light in and keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Trade in bare walls for a built-in corner entertainment center – find the remote, turn on the surround sound – you're guaranteed to have a great movie at your fingertips.

Kathy and Ken would to spend six months a year here, our RV resort is filled with fellow RV friends who have made Retama their home. Kathy and Ken's vibrant coach house is certainly a bright spot here in South Texas.

Tucked away is the stacked washer/dryer.  Work?  Here's you're on vacation!