Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home on the Range

The coach house of Linda and Bruce Hall was purchased in December and they wasted no time in getting their coach house completed in January 2010 and I must say it's a cutie!   

At Retama its not just the super-sized RV pads that are enjoyed, but its really about the additional outdoor living spaces.  There is plenty of patio setting up patio furniture, the grill and Oh! even a fire pit, perfect for relaxing or for when friends to come and visit. . .  which is often!

As one walks through the double french doors the feel of south Texas touches the senses. 
Here the convenient counter top which doubles for dining and is a bonus for 'happy hour' gatherings.

Whoa Nellie!  This beautiful wall sculpture is perfect!

Check out the tray ceiling and the tropical fan.  A really nice touch.

Linda and Bruce also created a workspace and of course, the comfy chairs which invite one to come inside for an afternoon nap.

The kitchenette includes the microwave, a handy fridge and sink.

 Linda's attention to detail with the western bathroom light and horseshoe.  
Oh, ya gotta love the stacked washer and dryer too!

Thank you Linda and Bruce for sharing your 12' x 20'!

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