Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Okay, it's been awhile!

No, actually its been over a year since any updating has been done.  One can give 1,000 excuses, so there are none.

What did happen recently, I noticed that this little blog has had over 10,000+ page views.
Not entirely sure how that can happen when the blog has been dormant.

So, let's kick start the activity.  The Retama Villagers are sending in their photos of recent updates, their build's and other coach house developments. This summer, which officially starts today, the goal will be to add as many as I can.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the Retama Village Christmas decor that was done last November.  Our Villagers are very special, their donations ($$) made it all possible.

The courtyard fountain.
The fountain was so pretty and at night it became very special.

It was nearly 100o when we started assembling the fountain decor.  Vicky is still smiling!
Our Christmas decorating started in July with the selection of colors, and merging of many ideas.  Then in October we began putting the plan together.  We had hundred's of feel of garland, 30 wreaths and so  much more.

The fireplace - with peacock feathers and garland still allowed for TV viewing.

 A little story, original plans were to have pheasant feathers in the mantel, until we learned that the male pheasant only grow one beautiful plume a year .. hence the costs were $60 for a dozen feathers.  Never mind, we changed to plan B.
We think there were 1,000 ornaments, we think!
 It is so hard to see the detail on a Christmas tree, but this one was very special.

A table center piece.
More peacock feathers.  We scored when we purchased our feathers at an antique store in rural Illinois. Did I mention our grapevine came from Illinois, our pine cones came from Williamsburg VA.  Traveling in an RV does have it's benefits!
Our Christmas Open House

Our November 25th Club House Open House was the Grande viewing.  Complete with the Village carolers, 600+ handmade cookies, live music and a lot of people.

We hope that you will try to join us for the 2012 Christmas Open House.

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