Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glass and Bare Walls

Here at Retama Village our RV coach houses were designed to be a storage shed.  A 12' by 20' storage shed, a place to keep our bikes, surfboards, grills and anything else.  However, many 'Villager's' (as we have affectionately named ourselves) have created little McMansions with full entertainment centers and bathrooms, kitchens with granite counter-tops and dishwashers.  
This McMansion has built in custom closets and a murphy bed.
Its funny, our developer never dreamed of lot owners creating McMansions when he planned this special interest RV community.

But not all coach houses are McMansions!  Some coach houses remain simple and very workable, which is the case of Kathy B.  

Kathy is a Winter Texan, who with her husband Bob, found Retama three years ago.  They visited and stayed -- which seems to be the case with most visitors to Retama.  

Kathy and Bob are not lot owners, but rather have chosen to rent their RV site and coach house.  But being a renter did not stop Kathy from creating a workshop for her stain glass making.  

West facing windows cast the perfect lighting for Kathy's stain glass making.

Bear walls .... who cares!  This coach house allows Kathy to create some beautiful work ..... worry free!

Donated cabinets, overhead lighting and Kathy's ipod .... she has created a great workshop! 
Functionality and creature comforts makes this coach house a work horse.  Kathy enjoys the stacked washer & dryer, a bathroom sink for washing her glass and large work spaces for her project making.  North and west facing doors allow our warm south Texas breezes to come through.

Love my iphone panoramic photo feature.
Stain glass making requires lots of glass storage.
Glass is categorized by color.
Check out the electrically behind the storage bins.  Perhaps one day this coach house will be insulated and drywalled.  But for Kathy, a finished coach house isn't necessary.  
Beautiful glass picture frames are scattered throughout the 12 by 20.
Organization makes this coach house perfect for Kathy and her projects.
 Okay, check this clever modification out!  A folding table can work for any sized project.
When a table is too short -- simply add PVC piping to make it the right height!
This coach house has everything a designer needs without the drywall and fancy decor.  
The motorhome is parked just outside the coach house

Thank you Kathy for sharing your designs and coach house ...  its impressive indeed!

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 There are several coach houses in Retama that are workshops and studios ... another blog idea perhaps. 
Enjoy your day.

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  1. We just bought two of Kathy's stained glass picture frames for our daughters. They both love them. Such a talented lady!