Sunday, January 6, 2013

Road Trip!

An overnight stop became a 4 night stop over in Elberta, Alabama - home to the Lake Osprey RV Country Club.  Opening in 2010 this luxury RV resort is a breathe of fresh air and worth a stop over for anyone traveling (in their RV) through the Gulf Coast.

Any remnants of the BP oil spill are long gone, the beaches are beautiful and the restaurants are doing a booming business ..  yummy raw oysters and their amazing Royal Red shrimp, THE best tasting shrimp,  tasting like mini lobsters were a 'must have' during our visit.
Why am I writing about another RV park?  They now have coach houses!  During the summer two coach houses were completed, so during our stay at Lake Osprey we were given a tour.  Wow, oh, Wow!  They are very nice indeed.

Lake Osprey coach houses are not 12' by 20', but rather 12' by 36', nearly double the size of our 12by20 blog, but they are still designed for the RV'er who desires a luxury place to park their rig.

At night the entire Lake Osprey is aglow with uplighting on the 100's of palms.  The lot owners also added wonderful gardens and uplighting night lighting.  Wowza!  Impressively beautiful.

I love the garden lighting.  My camera caught the lighting too much.  Its actually very dimly lite.

Inside, Jerry and Sherry's little house is a full kitchen with induction cooking and microwave. The workspace is small, but certainly gets the job done with all the creature comforts.

A sofa sleeper for extra house guests .. grandkids!

A full sized bedroom makes for sleeping for four in the coach house.  Jerry made the bed, which has the same bed lifts found in our RV's, creating a ton of storage space beneath the bed.

Outside the patio is concrete stamped.  There is a fire pit and the grill.  RV living doesn't get any better than this!  

Jerry and Sherry planned the outside overhand as a place to store their motorcycle.  When it rains, they can move the table underneath the overhang and still be dining outdoors.

In front of the coach house is a concrete patio set, here Sherry enjoys early morning coffee while greeting neighbors.

This coach house was just completed, the landscaping is young but will look beautiful in no time.

The second coach house is 12x35' and is more than a McMansion, by coach house standards -- it a biggie!.  
Super large, stamped concrete has been stained.

The L-shaped kitchen is complete with a lazy susan, built in stove, microwave, sink and fridge

 Bedroom?  You bet!  A queen size bed and side tables.  There is a stacked/washer dryer in one side of the closet.

 Wahoo, a panoramic photo gives you the full 'feel' of the coach house room.  Did you notice the wall heating and air conditioner.  Both the bedroom and living space have their own units for perfect climate control.  Nice, very nice!

Hope you enjoyed!

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