Monday, December 7, 2009

The first 12 x 20 Blog - Gail and Bonnie Quinn

I've been told the hardest part of blogging is simply getting started and creating this new blog is no exception. Yesterday, Sunday was a picture perfect day, 75degrees, beautiful blue skies, a light breeze and everyone in Retama Village was out for a stroll. It seemed perfect timing to get the ball rolling on this blog!

I stopped by Gail and Bonnie Quinn and they graciously allowed me to start the 12x20 blog with their coach house. My last visit to their coach house it was still a work in progress, but I must say that now that its finish Gail and Bonnie did an excellent job. Bonnie tried to create an outdoor oasis with a twist of hotel luxury thrown in. Luxury it is -- their attention to the details make this coach house wonderful.

They have been full timing for four years and wanted to get away from the standard RV beige. Bonnie always wanted a lot of color and color she did! The beautiful terra cotta-red and gold blend beautifully with the solid maple cabinets that Gail had custom built by the local cabinet maker. The hours of hand rubbing the tung oil on the cabinets makes them simply beautiful.

Bonnie wanted the coach house to have a relaxing atmosphere where they can come outside and relax. The TV sits on an interior wall and by opening up the big french doors allows them to view the 'ball games' while sitting outside. What Winter Texans wouldn't be happy sitting outside and enjoying the Rio Grande Valley's great winter while sipping a cold beer or margarita!

The kitchenette also has the hand rubbed maple cabinetry, a sink, microwave and the under-counter fridge and freezer provides all the conveniences. The freezer actually fits into their fifth-wheel basement and fits their traveling lifestyle.

The backsplash is tiled with the same pattern as the tiled floors. This is the first time I've seen this design in a coach house and its very flattering and actually makes the room feel larger.
There is plenty of room for guests to stay for a night or two, there is a hideabed tucked in the couch, and with the full bathroom -- its literally a home away from home.

Gail made sure all the small important details were taken care of. He wired one set of switches 4-way, so they can be turned on from either the french doors or the side door, or from outside -- very clever. He also put a hose bib on the outside of the coach house for easy access. I wish we had thought of that feature.

The bathroom has all the amenities and plenty of space to enjoy a good hot shower. Put all of this together and Gail and Bonnie's grand kids will definitely be staying a lot longer!.

If you have a chance to visit with Bonnie and Gail make sure you ask them about their pictures -- when they auctioned the contents of their house one picture in particular remained. Ask Gail the story. He who laughs last, laughs best ..... and, well, we know that enjoys a good Gail laugh!

The change from a storage shed to a coach house is a long process, every square inch must be accounted for, but the end results are truly amazing. It's hard to imagine that a 12 x 20' storage shed can become so much more.

Thanks Bonnie and Gail for letting us see close up your wonderful coach house.

Happy Holidays!

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