Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moving Walls

Yes, that is right, moving walls! This coach house uses every square inch, sometimes twice when you consider that some of the walls move! The ingenious idea and credit of the moving walls is given to Phil and Vicky of Homer Michigan.

This coach house is cool.  From the outside it looks like all the other 12'x20' sheds.  What's amazing is their coach house interior which Phil cleverly designed and built. Vicky is the the lucky one with the spa bathtub!

Phil explained their coach house was creating with two goals, a spa for a very lucky Vicky! But also to serve as a garage during the summer months where their cute red car is guided indoors by means of chalk lines, two additional sets of eyes, removal of coach house doors and mirrors on the car allowing it to slip in with with only 2” to spare.  Amazing - it fits!

However when the car is back outside Vicky has a charmer of a coach house, large enough to serve Thanksgiving dinner inside for a large crowd of friends with plenty of room to spare.

Let's start the tour!  You will never believe the moving walls
Check out the full wall of cabinets -- the burgundy cover is Vicky's spa tub.

Now look closely, below, the four cabinets open provide a full
spa on the left, the commode, bathroom sink &
mini kitchen and the washer dryer.
What more does a person need!

Starting with the spa and shower, below.  Phil added the tiled flowers,
a nice touch since gardening is Vicky's favorite hobby!

Here is the fun part, the doors to the right of the spa are closed --
but watch what happens!

The commode doors are pulled forward and extend, providing plenty of room.
Oh, the toilet stays put -- only the walls move forward.

Another view of the extended bathroom.

The bathroom sink / mini kitchen cabinet is truly maximizing space.
Again, the cabinet is pulled forward to bring out each component -- Watch!

Okay, the sink remains inside, but the vanity is moved into
place covering the microwave

THEN!  the sink can be pulled forward.
Perfect for brushing teeth and putting on makeup.
But wait, there still still more!

Two steps to the right and all the dirty
clothes can be popped into the washer - dryer.

Turning around and facing the front of the coach house is the movable kitchen island and comfy chairs for tv viewing or simply relaxing.  Retirement is great!

Talking with Phil and Vicky is like taking Mike Rhodes (our developer) tour, they explained how they were one of the first to purchase their lot when Retama Village was still a cabbage patch and the sales office was down at the Palapa. Their decision to purchase was made when they heard Mikes vision for this development and enjoyed a cool beverage and watching the Rio Grande River flow pass. Sounds like a nice deal to me!

Vicky and Phil retired in 2006 and purchased their RV and a truck right after Vicky's retirement with ideas of touring the country, however when Phil listened to Mike's presentation, met his other new neighbors who were also considering purchasing, it was obvious that Retama would become their winter home and they would become Winter Texans.

Retama Village's coach houses are individually unique, but Vicky and Phil's is one of a kind, hat's off to a job well done!

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