Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Margaritaville is More Than a Song

In Key West, it’s the quintessential state of being, and the afternoon is complete when neighbors and friends stop by for a visit, here at Kathy and Ken's coach house their doors are always open.

This 12by20 coach house is a Key West styled cottage, it may be little but its open floor plan allows it to live large. The interior was finished by Ken and Kathy who spent several months running electrical wire, plumbing and installing the dry wall.  Their planning made this coach house floorplan very efficient.

Kathy commented that building a small house is more difficult than a larger home because every inch has to be accounted for. Kathy said they drew 30+ plans before finding the right combination of living space, a closet for their washer/dryer, the kitchen and full bathroom.

Kathy and Ken, originally from Baltimore Maryland retired early and have been living in their RV full time for five years. Kathy and Ken while in their early 50's began planning on living in their RV, so downsizing was easy. Now their coach house's 240s.f. feels large and spacious – and it is!

Homes in the tropics have blue ceilings to give the illusion of sky, open the french doors and you can sit on the sofa and feel like you're outside.

Mixing elements such as pine, wicker, stone, bamboo, and painted surfaces adds layers of comfort and texture to this light-filled space.

Comforting and Key West coastal are the soft blues and whites.  I just love this kitchenette, it sure makes the evening grilling a breeze -- Key West style!

This sunny kitchen is sunny without feeling overwhelming.

Bring the party outside, the fully functional kitchenette includes a microwave/convenction oven, refrigerator, and sink are all you need.

A tiny window in the bathroom allows light in and keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Trade in bare walls for a built-in corner entertainment center – find the remote, turn on the surround sound – you're guaranteed to have a great movie at your fingertips.

Kathy and Ken would to spend six months a year here, our RV resort is filled with fellow RV friends who have made Retama their home. Kathy and Ken's vibrant coach house is certainly a bright spot here in South Texas.

Tucked away is the stacked washer/dryer.  Work?  Here's you're on vacation!

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