Saturday, January 30, 2010

Texas Chic

From the moment you walk inside the coach house of Kathy and Dennis you are mesmerized by the quaint, Texas chic design. The wow factor is found everywhere in this 12by20 shed.  Last winter Dennis and Kathy painstakenly created a rugged, yet sophisticated all-American look that combines their personal style with Texas charm and ties it all together with the romance of the west. 

French doors that open out to a patio provide a breathtaking western sunset view, the perfect ending to a great day – which happens everyday!

It's hard to imagine this 20' space is divided in half, 10' for the lounge area and 10' for the bathroom and kitchen as every inch was transformed by Dennis.

Dennis has firsthand understanding of materials, and possesses a deep sense of content and meticulously planned their RV coach house into something out of the pages of a magazine.

One has to love this space – it’s so chic, so sophisticated, yet it is totally welcoming and warm.  
Turn on the electric fireplace on those chilly mornings.

Wood and leather say western when it comes to furniture, the pair of recliners make football or movie watching - theatre style.

The warm wall color, copper sink, tile and texture forms the foundation of the western chic look.

Everyone wants to move in here!

Decorating a home in a Texas ranch style gives the space a laid-back breeziness, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

The warm wall color and naturally stained tray ceiling forms the foundation of the western chic look.
Lighting in the tray shelf provides a lovely evening ceiling cast.

Check out the detail of the mouldings, Denny hand cut and stained each of the corners.  The design copies the carpet design. 

Kathy d├ęcor foundation was found in nature the walls and floor colors tend toward warm tones of terracotta, burnt orange, golden brown and mustard yellow. The accent ledge is so cute!

The bathroom functions not only with the corner shower but also includes a make-up vanity for Kathy.
A stacked washer/dryer, storage and picture ledge makes this room cozy and charming.

Put the puzzle together, frame it and you have a perfect wall decor!

Add a shelve to the towel holder, colorful paint ...  clever!

Texas Chic, every detail from the ceiling tray, the ledges and the hand crafted trim make this the perfect Winter Texas vacation home, er ah.... but, remember, it's "Only a Shed!

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  1. These are wonderful, creative solutions for additional living space in a "shed". I'm looking forward to more pictures. Thanks for sharing.